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Send a parcel to Oceania

Quick and easy parcel delivery to Australia and New Zealand

Parcel delivery Oceania
We offer affordable prices when sending to Oceania, we know that sometimes cost can be a big factor when shipping to this continent so that’s why we collaborate with major couriers so that rates stay low for you. You can take a look at some of the delivery times and prices below, there is also useful information about customs so please have a further look.
If you’re wanting to send your parcel, all you’ll need to do is to list the weight and dimensions and enter that into our quotes calculator and you will get a list of prices.

How long will it take to send to Oceania?

Time for shipping will depend on the destination that you are sending to, for more isolated or remote areas then it may take longer. Usually we would estimate that shipping to Oceania will take roughly 3-6 days and as there are thousands of islands located in Oceania, we are not able to provide services to all islands. If you are unsure where parcels can be delivered to then you can contact us by email or through the live chat system.
Prices start from £15.30 when sending parcels to Australia and New Zealand from £22.83 so we’re offering the best possible prices for you when you are booking through us to send your parcel, all you’ll need to do to send a parcel is to list the weight and dimensions and enter that into our quotes calculator and you will get a list of prices.
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Customs document sending to Oceania
When you are sending parcels over to Oceania then a customs document must be attached to the parcel and when you are booking a service with us then we’ll let you know of this and we’ll also provide the document for you to fill in. It’s advisable to list the contents in detail so that customs will be able to see if any duties or the tax are due to be paid. It is recommended to check the restriction and prohibited list for the country you are sending it to avoid any delays in the delivery process.
To find more information you can Click here. If there are any problems with delivery then you can track your parcel with the tracking number and you will also be able to contact us. It’s best to provide a recipient’s number so that if there are any problems then they can also contact them if needed.
Customers Reviews
Mohammed Jhali
Its third time what I sent a parcel over Parcelpal and very satisfied! I can always see where is my parcel. Delivery always in time or even earlier! Great price. Very professional. No more what to say just Thank you Parcelpal
Jacob Winder
Usually the cheapest parcel broker but service is consistently excellent. Easy to use site - their restrictions and prohibitions are not so onerous as others either! I’ve used them many times for ParcelForce as a rule and their service in the process has been superb and MUCH CHEAPER! Premium service at economy price!
Claire Bull
posted Tuesday in UK, delivered Friday in Canada. Excellent
Paul Holmes
Great service. My parcel got to the destination on time. It contained my wedding dress so I opted for insurance up to the value of the dress and this service offered the best price for the insurance cost. Would recommend and use again!
Chris Marley
Really affordable and reliable service!!
Bobby Jerrad
The pick up point couldn‘t have been simpler and I believe the package arrived in good order. I had expected the delivery to have been earlier than Tuesday of the following week as I sent it on the Friday
Felix Dellid
really, really easy, having never done it before,ceramic vase came undamaged would definitely recommend the collect/delivery service
Shannon Hewlett
Harry Fiddler
I used ParcelPal for the first time recently. I had a parcel to go to Italy and got quite a shock with the cost through Royal Mail (Parcel Force). So I Googled ParcelPal found it be nearly half the price. I then filled in the initial registration which was quite painless. Then I registered the parcel and paid through my credit card. I printed our the barcoded label, stuck it on and then, you guessed it, I took it to the Post Office. What a great service. I used it again for the same customer a week later and two clicks it picked up all the details. RECOMMENDED.
Mark Dent
Sent 2 largish parcels to Spain. The cost was the most competitive we found and the parcels arrived in 5 working days. Excellent
Eugene Kimirov
Quick, easy, no issues. Its not the first time and its always good
Jane Versani
Very good service, parcel picked up on time and delivered to New Zealand within 5 days,at a very reasonable cost.
Kate Bailey
Excellent service. Will use you again to send goods to South Africa. Fast and efficient.
Steven Powell
Excellent service. On time both pick up and delivery!
Charlie Samsworth
Booked for pickup late evening and to my surprise the parcel was picked up early next day. The gentleman that picked up the parcel also supplied the address label. I had notification that the parcel was delivered the following day and I just want to say that I received excellent customer service at a very reasonable price. Good on you Parcelpal
Megan Kent
Very helpful customer service when my parcel wasn’t picked up. Fabulous service. Great price and service. Highly recommend to anyone.
Kyle Goodie
Parcel arrived when we wanted it and almost to the hour! Was in good condition after it’s long journey. The whole process of sending the parcel was quite easy. We will definitely use ParcelPal again.
Jerry Umbridge
Parcel was picked up and delivered on time, and rates were reasonable. Did not need to contact customer service this time around so will see what happens next time.
Maira Harrow
Simple to use the website, comprehensive options available, good prices. Exactly what I wanted. Will definitely use in future instead of other sites I have used before.
Laura Fox
I found this company on the web, best by far, I had a small issue with a collection but their friendly customer service help and got this sorted within hours.