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  • How corona virus may affect postal services
    23/03/2020 14:32:31 | Parcelpal

    How coronavirus may affect postal services


    Due to the coronavirus situation, we are actively monitoring at Parcel Pal. We know it may be a hard time for people who may not have the option to leave their homes and postal services are doing the best they can to keep the postal system running smooth. Parcel and letters are an important way to help communicate with others, this is why we will keep you updated of any changes in the courier services.

    It is said from The United Nations postal agency that flights are suspended because of the link to the Covid-19 outbreak and postal services in China has been hit. Eight other countries are said to have stopped deliveries of letters and parcels which affects the deliveries of some international countries. Medical advice is given to say that coronavirus is less likely to survive on objects for long but safety precautions have been set in place for the postal workplace and for letters and parcels.

    Royal Mail has issued an update as of 23/03/2020 that the US has banned travellers coming form EU countries including the UK. This ban is only for people travelling and does not affect the movement of goods. Royal Mail’s international services are still operating and are continuing to accept parcels across the globe. There delays expected and it will take longer for as authorities will have set special orders on incoming goods.

    The country with the biggest impact is China but Royal Mail has stated that:

    ’As previously advised by the World Health Organization, coronaviruses do not survive for long on objects. It is therefore safe to receive postal items from China, without risk of contracting the new coronavirus. Measures have nevertheless been implemented to ensure the safety of mail processing and postal staff across China.’

    For UK postal deliveries, operations are running as normal but some couriers have adopted a safety measure for their staff and customers. Couriers like Royal Mail are minimising contact during delivery so instead of handing over the devices to get a signature, the courier will directly ask for the name of who has accepted the item and log that in. For any large parcels, the drivers will knock on your door and step a safe distance away so that you can get your parcel. This makes sure that your parcel is delivered securely rather than having it been left outside. A notice card will be given if you are unable to come at the door, this card will advise you on how to collect your parcel. A friend or family member could collect the parcel for you but they will need to bring along the card and relevant ID.

    Other countries’ postal system are changed due to the coronavirus and the United States Postal Service has adopted this change too.

    We will continue providing the best service for you and protect the health of all our stakeholders. We’ll keep you posted of the current situation.