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How to send high value items

Parcelpal’s guide to sending high value items  

Here at Parcelpal, we understand that our customers need a variety of services to suit their needs, which is why we have designed our website to offer numerous parcel delivery services, from numerous couriers. But we also want to advise our customers on the best and the most up to date information possible when sending high value items. High value items can hold a lot of sentimental value to an individual, or may be something that holds a lot of profit for the seller. Whatever the reason, here at Parcelpal we are here every step of the way when sending your high value item.  

Can I send any high value item?  

All of the couriers we have partnered with will accept high value items. The only exception on what our couriers will not accept is items on the Prohibited Items List. This can be found here.  

You must analyse this list carefully to check your item is accepted. You must also consult the courier you are wishing to order with to check they will compensate your high value item. Some items such as jewellery over £250, precious stones, lottery tickets, event tickets, and travel tickets are not accepted or compensated for. So you must double check before sending.  

You must check with the individual courier you wish to send with to check they do not have any restrictions on specific items. If you are worried about sending a prohibited item or non-compensated item, you can contact us directly and we will advise you correctly.  

What do you class as a high value item?  

Here at Parcelpal, we have seen numerous high value items pass through our system with no problems at all. So, don’t worry, we are familiar with the process. 

Items that are typically classed as high value are antiques, jewellery, and some furniture items. But high value items are not limited to this list.  

If you have an item that you consider to be high value based on its sentimental or price value, we will respect that. The most important thing to do is to check it is accepted, and then consider the insurance/compensation included in your order before sending.  

How do I send a high value item?  

The great thing about choosing to send your parcel with Parcelpal is that every parcel delivery service is fully tracked, so you can see your parcel on every step of its journey.  

We recommend when sending a high value item to choose a time scheduled / nominated day delivery service. These services are guaranteed delivery before a certain time, on our website you can choose from before 9am, before 10am, before 12 noon, during the AM, during the PM and more! This way your parcel delivery is guaranteed to arrive and gives you that extra piece of mind in waiting for the confirmation of delivery.  

What insurance is included when sending a high value item?  

The insurance/cover that is included in your parcel delivery service depends on which service you choose. This is available to see on the ‘more information’ section of each service once you search using our online tool.  

As a general example: 

Our Hermes UK services includes £20 protection cover. 

Our DHL UK services includes £20 protection cover.  

Our Parcelforce UK services includes £50 protection cover. 

Our DPD UK services includes £50 protection cover.  

If you wish to discuss the possibility of extra protection cover please contact our friendly customer care team directly.  

How do I package a high value item?  

One of the most crucial elements of sending a high value item is ensuring the packaging is correct and suitable for the item.  

When choosing the right packaging for your high value item it is essential that you choose packaging and assemble in a way that reflects the items value. This means packaging with extra care and precaution.  

No matter the shape, size, or price of the item here are a few things to consider when choosing your packaging.  

1. Make sure the box you are using is strong enough to withhold the journey. We recommend trying to avoid using second hand or reusing boxes as they may be damaged and in turn cause damage to your equipment. 

2. The correct size box is also very important to consider. Too small of a box will cause the contents to press against the sides and this can damage to the box in transit. Choosing too large of a box will also leave space in the parcel for the item to move around and potentially become damaged within.  

3. How you assemble you parcel is also something you must consider. Strong parcel tape, staples, foam chips, and bubble wrap may all be needed to ensure a secure parcel. 

4. If your item is particularly fragile, we recommend adding fragile tape to the box to make sure the courier knows to take extra precautions when handing your parcel.