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How to send multiple parcels

Parcelpal’s guide to sending multiple parcels 

Are you looking to send numerous parcels to the same address? Or perhaps you are a seller looking to send numerous parcels to different addresses at the same time? Well, here at Parcelpal we have the service for you! Read this guide on everything you need to know about sending multiple parcels easily, cheaply, and quickly with Parcelpal 

Can I send multiple parcels to the same address?  

Yes of course!  

Our order system means that once you choose the parcel delivery service you wish to send your parcels with you will have the option to add in the addresses for the parcels. This can be the same address for each parcel.  

Can I send multiple parcels to different addresses?  


The same way you would add the address of the parcel going to the same address, you can add the parcel address for each individual parcel going to separate addresses.  

How do I book multiple parcels on your website?  

1. Visit our website and press ‘send a parcel’ on the top bar.  

2. On the search bar, make sure you put the quantity as the number of parcels you are sending. If you are sending 4 parcels for example, put the quantity as 4.  

3. Add in the basic information for one of the parcels, don’t worry you can add in the information for the offer parcels later on.  

4. Press ‘Quote and Book’ and you will then be taken to a page showing the delivery services most suitable for you. Choose with ever service you would like to book with. Make sure to consider your budget, time requirements, and protection cover included. All of this is shown on the parcel delivery option boxes. The price shown is for the total number of parcels you are sending.  

5. Once you have ed which parcel delivery service you would like, you will be asked to log in or create an account if you don‘t have one already.  

6. Once you have done this you will see an order page. On this page you will see you can add in the separate information for each parcel, including the addresses which can be different to each other. Parcels will be classed as parcel 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on and information can be different for each.  

7. Once you have completed the form press ‘next step’ at the bottom of the page to confirm and pay for your order and you are all done with the order process!  

What about the different weights, sizes, and values?  

Don’t worry! Once you which parcel delivery service you would like to book with you will get the option on the order form to add in the difference weights, sizes, and values of each parcel individually.  

Will it cost me more to send multiple parcels all at once?  

Absolutely not! Have no worry in sending multiple in the same order form as the price will be calculated on the individual parcel prices and then added together in the total. Parcelpal will never charge you extra per parcel for sending multiple parcels at the same time.  

I am sending over 100 parcels a week for my business, can you help?  

We offer exclusive discounts and services for businesses sending over 100 parcels a week with Parcelpal business!  

Visit our Parcelpal business page to read about our online bulk orders system and exclusive perks for businesses who have a business account with us! Find out more here.