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How to weigh and measure parcels

Parcelpal’s guide to measuring and weighing parcels  


Here at Parcelpal, we understand that when deciding to send a parcel and going through the order process it may not be at the forefront of your mind to consider if you have the correct tools to measure and weigh your parcel. You may find yourself in the predicament of not having any rulers or scales to hand to accurately measure or weigh your parcel.  

But when considering this you must be very careful in the measuring and weighing of your parcel. This is because submitting the wrong measurements and the wrong weights of your parcels can cause big issues in your parcel being processed by the courier.  

To allow you the options of measuring and weighing your parcels outside of the traditional ways so we have developed this guide to give you handy tips and tricks on measuring and weighing your parcels.  


How to weigh a parcel without scales  

There are a few things you can do to ensure you get the correct weight of the parcel.  

-Research the item you are sending on the internet and see if the weight of the item is listed online. You can then research the weight of the box and the packaging materials and add these totals together.  

-You may be able to contact the store or the seller of the item to see if they have any information on the weight of the item.  

-Bathroom scales work well if you don’t have access to parcel scales. Make sure to convert the scales to KG before weighing the items. We also recommend to weigh each item of your parcel separately and then all together to make sure the two weights are the same.  

-If you are using bathroom scales instead of parcel scales make sure the bathroom scales are on a smooth flat surface to ensure the weight is accurate 


How to measure a parcel without a ruler  

If you do not have access to a ruler there are a few apps you can use to measure the length on your phone.  

On the App store there are apps such as: Measure, Tape Measure, and Cam to Plan which can measure your parcel digitally 

When using these apps make sure your phone is updated and there are no marks/scratches on your camera.  

We recommend when using these apps to use a few and note the measurements to check the data you are getting is accurate.  

If you are using a parcel box that is store brought or brought online you can research this product to check if the measurements for your parcel box are online.  


What to do if you are unsure about the measurements or weight  

In the situation of being unsure about the measurements or weight you are calculating; you might want to consider if you can get the resources you need elsewhere. Is there a late-night supermarket or corner shop you can visit to buy a ruler or weighing scale?  

Does a friend, family member, or neighbour have resources you can borrow?  

Is there a local business that might have a weighing scale or ruler you can borrow? Or maybe there is a local chemist with a weighing scale you can use?  

You need to consider all of your options before taking steps to use alternate methods as you do not want to risk inputting incorrect data. As the sender you have the responsibility to input the most accurate data possible onto your order form.  


The importance of accurate data on your order  

Imputing incorrect measurements and weights into your order can cause many big issues in your parcel being processed.  

This is because:  

The price of the parcel is often calculated on its weight, length, or girth. If you input incorrect data for the parcel you may be undercharge and thus incur a fee, or overcharged for your parcel delivery service. All of which you want to avoid.  

A parcel will go through many stages before it reaches its final destination of being received by the recipient. During the courier process the parcel may be measured and weighed to ensure it is processed through the correct machines/vehicles. If the data does not match what you have imputed the parcel will be declined and you will experience delays.  

The parcel may be declined and sent back to the sender and in this situation the sender will have to pay for the delivery service again. Costing the sender more money.