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How to calculate volume

Parcelpal’s guide to calculating a parcels volume 


What is volume?  

Volume is a measurement that reflects the space in which an object occupies or contains. This is based on the object‘s dimensions.   


Why is it important to calculate?  

The volume of a parcel is particularly relevant to a courier as some courier charge for their services based on the parcels volume (the space it occupies).  

So depending on which courier you choose, the price may be calculating on the parcels volume, so it is important to calculate correctly.  


How to calculate a parcels volume 

Calculating a parcels volume is very simple.  

The formula for volume is: Length x Width x Height  


For example: your box is 10cm x 20cm x 10cm.  

So, your calculation would be 10 x 20 x 10  

This would give you a volume of 2000cm3 

Do not worry about what order you put the calculation into the calculator in as the answer will be the same either way.  


What if I am unsure?  

If you are unsure if your calculations are correct, do not worry! Our friendly customer care team is on hand to help you every step of the way. Just give us a call once you have done your measurements and a member of our team will be happy to help you.