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How to send ski and snowboarding equipment

Parcelpal’s guide to sending ski and snowboard equipment  


How to package skis and snowboards  

Choosing the right packaging for your ski and snowboarding equipment is an essential element of shipping.  

Follow our recommended steps to ensure your ski and snowboarding equipment arrives to its destination safely.  

1. Make sure the box you are using is strong enough to withhold the journey. We recommend trying to avoid using second hand or reusing boxes as they may be damaged and in turn cause damage to your equipment. 

2. The correct size box is also very important to consider. Too small of a box will cause the contents to press against the sides and this can damage to the box in transit. Choosing too large of a box will also leave space in the parcel for the item to move around and potentially become damaged within.  

3. How you assemble you parcel is also something you must consider. Strong parcel tape, staples, foam chips, and bubble wrap may all be needed to ensure a secure parcel. 


How to send skis and snowboards  

When choosing to ship your ski and snowboarding equipment with Parcelpal, no matter what service you choose it will include full tracking within the price.  

We recommend that due to the nature of the value of ski and snowboard equipment customers should opt to choose services that are timed deliveries. This way both you and the receiver have a peace of mind as to when to expect your parcel.  

Cover protection/parcel insurance is included in our parcel delivery services, but the amount of cover included does vary from courier to courier. As a general rule cover will either be stated as £20 or £50. If you wish for more cover to be included please contact our customer care team to discuss this.  


Can I use alternate packaging?  

In recent years the parcel packaging industry has noticed a trend in the use of alternative packaging as a way to save money. This comes in the form of using general household materials to wrap and package parcels.  

For ski and snowboarding equipment, we have seen a trend of Youtubers recommending to package your equipment in the bag the equipment comes in from the manufacturer. We do not recommend doing this and this will not be accepted by the courier. Parcels need to be packaged according to their needs and this means parcel boxes must be used.  


Sending skis and snowboards abroad  

If you are sending your ski and snowboarding equipment outside of the EU or to The Channel Islands (Jersy, Guernsey, Alderney, Herm, and Sark), Andorra, The Canary Islands, Gibraltar, San Marino, and The Vatican you will need to complete a customs declaration form and be prepared to pay customs duty.  

For full information on this visit our Understanding Customs Declarations and Charges how to guide on our website. Visit the guide here.  


What if I’m still unsure?  

If you are unsure, do not worry! Our friendly customer care team is on hand to help you every step of the way. Just give us a call and a member of our team will be happy to help you.