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How to send batteries

Parcelpal’s guide to sending batteries  

Can I send batteries within the UK?  

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Batteries cannot be sent by any parcel courier in the UK.  

Can I send batteries internationally?  

Unfortunately, not. No courier that ships internationally accepts the shipment of batteries. All customs authorities worldwide have batteries as a prohibited item so even if you do try to send a battery abroad illegally the parcel will not pass customs inspections. 


What about unopened battery packs?  

Unfortunately, the answer is still no. Any type of battery, unopened, used, small or large is on every courier and every customs authority prohibited item list. Additionally, here at Parcelpal our system will not accept the shipment of any type of battery.  

Why can‘t you send batteries?  

Batteries pose a hazardous risk when sent through parcel courier. Batteries can explode, leak, and cause technically difficulties to courier machines. Because of this all couriers will not accept the shipment of batteries.  

What are my options?  

When sending toys and other electronics make sure you remove all batteries before you send them. Parcel couriers use scanning technology to check parcels which will show any batteries in the parcel contents. If your parcel is found to have batteries it will be rejected.  

When sending items such as mobile and smartphones that contain batteries please visit our guide on sending mobile and smartphones to understand the rules and regulations. You can find the guide here.