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How to send furniture

Parcelpal’s guide to sending furniture 

Can I send furniture through parcel courier?  

Yes, but you need to contact us directly at Parcelpal to discuss your options when choosing the right courier to send your furniture. The parcel services available will depend on the size and weight of the furniture you are sending.  

What courier services are available 

Here at Parcelpal we have partnered with a few parcel couriers that offer services for larger parcels. These include Parcelforce Large Express 24 and Parcelforce Large Express 48.  

How to package furniture   

When booking with Parcelforce Large Express 24 or Parcelforce Large Express 48 the parcel must not weigh more than 30kg, be longer than 2.5 meters in length, and the combined girth must not be longer than 5m. To find out how to calculate a parcels girth visit our guide here.  

Our recommendations for packaging furniture vary depending on the type of furniture you are sending. We recommend following our handy tips but also doing research on the piece you are sending. You can also contact us directly for advice 

Here are our helpful tips on how to package furniture 

-Locate a suitable box to send your furniture in. The box must be strong enough and big enough to hold your furniture and withstand the courier journey. Boxes specifically designed for furniture pieces such as sofas and chairs can be found online. We do not recommend using second hand or damaged boxes as these will not withstand the journey and may be rejected by the courier.  

-You must wrap your furniture thoroughly in bubble wrap to ensure it does not get damaged. We also recommend using foam lining to protect corners.  

What if I’m still unsure?  

As mentioned above, you must contact us directly to discuss sending furniture via parcel courier. Our friendly customer care team are on hand Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Contact us here.