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How to send musical instruments

Parcelpal’s guide to sending musical instruments 

Can I send musical instruments via parcel courier?  

Yes, absolutely! Here at Parcelpal all of our couriers accept the shipment of musical instruments without any specific restrictions on type of instrument.  

Will my musical instrument be compensated for?  

Unfortunately, most of our couriers do have musical instruments listed on their non-compensated lists.  

This means that in the event of loss or damage to the parcel you will not be covered and will not be entitled to any compensation or refunds.  

It is important to check with the specific courier you are sending with the check if the musical item you are sending is listed on their non-compensated list.  

Here at Parcelpal we offer insurance cover on all our services. This is either £20 or £50 depending on the service. Please check with our customer service team before booking if the musical item you are sending is covered by this insurance.   

How much will it cost?  

Here at Parcelpal we offer our customers when booking a specific quote engine for sending large items. If you are sending a musical instrument that is considered large, we recommend you using this quote engine to get an accurate quote. The large item quote engine can be found here.  

The price of your parcel will depend on the size, weight, and destination of your parcel. We send to over 220 countries and territories worldwide so don’t worry; we will have a service for you to choose from!  

How do I package a musical instrument?  

Musical instruments are often the pride and joy of an individual. They also are often very valuable and high-priced items. Because of this, you must take extra care and consideration when packaging your musical instrument. Musical instruments are also very fragile items, so extra precautions must be made to ensure the item does not get damaged during transit.  

You must use a strong parcel box that is new, not second hand or old. You must also use bubble wrap and packaging chips to cover the item and fill the parcel box. Also consider using foam padding to cover your musical instrument and give it added protection.  

Make sure the musical instrument cannot move inside the parcel box. Too much space can cause damage to the item during transit. Any space left inside the parcel box must be filled with packaging peanuts, bubble wrap, or foam padding.  

We do not recommend using air page/pocket air packaging for the shipment of musical instruments as any level or force can cause this type of packaging to burst and become ineffective 

When shipping musical instruments, we recommend always placing the item inside the box or container used to store them and then place this inside the parcel box. This may add extra weight to the parcel, but will add extra protection and gives the receiver the opportunity to use the original box/container for the instrument.  

When shipping guitars, always detune the strings as tight strings may snap during the courier journey. To avoid this always detune and loosen the guitar strings 

How to post a musical instrument within the UK  

There are no additional specific steps you need to take to send a musical instrument within the UK. All you need to do is attach the label you are sent within your order confirmation email to the parcel and it is ready to be sent.  

If your parcel is particularly valuable or fragile, we do recommend adding fragile packing tape to the box. This ensure the courier knows to take extra care with the parcel during its journey.  

For larger/heavy items the courier service most suitable for you within the UK will be to send with Parcelforce. Parcelforce are able to accept parcels up to 30kg.  

To ensure your parcel arrives on time to the receiver you may wish to look into sending with Parcelforce 24 or Parcelforce 48. These services ensure the parcel will arrive the next working day or within 2 working days. There is also the additional option with Parcelforce to choose a before 9am, before 10am, before 12 noon, and during the PM service for a timed delivery.  

How to post a musical instrument abroad  

Here at Parcelpal we ship to over 220 countries and territories worldwide. So, we guarantee to have a service for you!  

Items sent to certain destinations inside the EU and all destinations outside of the EU require a customs declaration and parcels are subject to a customs duty fee. For information on this, read out Understanding Customs Declarations and Tax guide here.   

What if I’m still unsure?  

Still need more help? Don‘t worry! Our friendly customer care team are on hand Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Contact us here.