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How to send wheels and tyres

Parcelpal’s guide to shipping wheels and tyres 

Can I send a wheel or tyre with a parcel courier?  

Yes, but there are a few restrictions.  

The wheel or tyre must only be sent within the UK. 

But you can only send a wheel or a tyre within the UK if the tyre is not attached to the wheel.  

Wheels and tyres are included on our prohibited items list for international destinations, this includes inside and outside of the EU, the Channel Islands, and America.  

What is the best service option to send a wheel or a tyre?  

When sending tyres or wheels local depots, parcel shops, and the post office may not have equipment suitable to weigh or process your parcel.  

Because of this we recommend you choose a collection service so the courier can collect the parcel directly from your home address. This way the parcel can be processed at the depot plant where there are more facilities for larger/unusual parcels. 


How to package a tyre or a wheel 

Always choose a strong sturdy box when sending tyres of wheels. Do not be tempted to use an old or a second-hand box as these are likely to not have the structural integrity needed for the contents of your parcel.  

Wrap all of the contents of the parcel in bubble wrap at least two times and secure with strong parcel tape. This ensure the bubble wrap does not loosen and become unravelled during transit.  

Place the now wrapped contents inside the parcel box. Any space left inside the box must be filled with packaging peanuts, extra bubble wrap, or foam wrapping.  

Secure the parcel box with strong brown packaging tape. Do not use Sellotape, narrow electrical tape, or washi tape.  

How much will it cost?  

The price of your parcel will depend on the size, weight, and the destination. We send to over 220 countries and territories worldwide so don’t worry; we will have a service for you to choose from at a cost that is right for you.   

Our free online price calculator will base the cost of your parcel from the size and weight of the parcel. So we recommend when booking with us to package your wheel or tyre, measure and weigh and then use our quote tool.  

One of our couriers, Parcelforce, offers a parcel service dedicated to large and heavy parcels. But this has a weight limit of 30kg. 

We suggest in all cases of tyres and wheels to deflate the item before packaging and calculating a post to ensure the parcel is as small and light as it can be.  

To get a free instant quote visit our quote tool here.  

Can I contact you for more advice on shipping wheels and tyres?  

Yes. We recommend we looking to book a parcel delivery service for wheels and tyres you contact us before booking to receive some advice. We would not want our customers to book a service with us and then face a reject from the courier based on the parcel contents they are sending.  

To contact us directly visit our contact page here.