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How to send alcohol

Parcelpal’s guide to sending alcohol


Can I send alcohol with Parcelpal 

Yes, as long as you are sending alcohol as a gift within the UK and follow the restrictions below.  

What are the restrictions?  

  1. You must check with the individual courier you wish to send your parcel with on what their rules and restrictions are before booking with us.  

  1. 1. You must compile with both the courier‘s rules and our rules accordingly.  

  1. 2. No glass. We will only accept tins, cans or plastic containers.  

  1. 3. The volume of the alcohol must not exceed 1 litre.  

  1. 4. The ABV of the alcohol must not exceed 24%.  

  1. 5. Alcohol can only be sent if it is a gift.  

  1. 6. UK domestic services only.  

How to package alcohol 

When packaging alcohol you must take into consideration the fragile contents of the parcel.  

Some couriers issue individual advice on packing alcohol, so make sure the check the courier‘s website before you start. 

Choose a new strong box, wrap the alcohol individually in polyethene sealed with tape, add extra bubble wrap and packing chips to the box, and seal with strong parcel tape.  

Ensure your parcel box is secure at every corner and if you feel the contents is particularly fragile attach fragile tape to the box.  

Ensure you correctly weigh and measure your parcel to receive an accurate quote on your booking. Use our quote tool here.  

What is the best service to send alcohol? 

Here at Parcelpal we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a variety of services all in one place at lower prices.  

When shipping alcohol as a gift within the UK we recommend our customers use a Next Day or Timed Delivery service to ensure the parcel arrives accordingly.  

With Parcelforce customers get the choice of numerous timed delivers such as within 24 hours, within 48 hours, before 9am, before 10am, before 12 noon, and during the PM.  

Browse our services here.  

Can I send alcohol internationally?  

Unfortunately navigating the rules and regulations on sending alcohol abroad is rather complex. This is because every country has their own independent Customs. Because of this the rules and regulations for every country will be different and are subject to change frequently. It is also important to understand that when you send products into another country the brand or logo may breech the copy right or health and safety regulations of that country. This adds another complex layer of regulations to navigate.  

To ensure our customers do not face rejections in their bookings when shipping alcohol internationally as a general rule we do not accept the shipment of alcohol here at Parcelpal 

Can I contact you for more advice?  

Yes! Of course. Here at Parcelpal our customer care team are on hand to answer any question you might have and help you every step of the way in booking a parcel delivery service with us.  

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Find out the different ways to contact us here.