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How to send rugs

Parcelpal’s guide to shipping rugs  

Can I send a rug with Parcelpal 

Yes, in theory. But there are a few recommendations you need to look at before booking to send a rug with us.  

What so I need to know befoe sending?  

You need to consider if the size of the rug you are sending is suitable for domestic parcel services. Of course, when we purchase rugs online from stores, they are delivered to us, but this is not done by domestic parcel services but rather the stores own delivery service.  

Parcelforce Large does offer a service for larger and heavier parcels. But this service does have a limit of 30kg.  

If the rug you are wishing the send via parcel courier is an antique or of particular high value it may not be covered by courier insurance. You must check the couriers compensated list before sending to check if the rug you are sending is listed.  

How to package a rug 

Rolling up a rug is the best way to get the rug to be as small as possible without compromising the item.  

We recommend wrapping the rug in bubble wrap to give it extra protection during its courier journey.  

All of the parcel delivery services we offer from couriers only accept the shipments of parcels inside parcel boxes. Because of this if the rug does not fit inside a parcel box unfortunately you will have to look into other options for delivery. Contact us directly for advise. 

We do not recommend using narrow electrical tape, clear Sellotape, or washi tape when securing your parcel.  

Once the rug is securely inside the parcel box make sure to secure the parcel box with strong brown parcel tape.  

Make sure when attaching the label it is clear to see and not wrapped around parcel box. This is to ensure the barcode can be accurately scanned by the courier.  

What service is best for sending rugs?  

Here at Parcelpal we pride ourselves on offering our customers a variety of services and lower prices all in one place. So, we are sure to have a service for you.  

When choosing which service is right for you please browse our website to view the services we offer and the information we provide. To view our couriers and their services view our website here.  

As mentioned above Parcelforce offers a service specifically for large parcels.  

But on our website, you are able to choose Next Day and Timed deliveries as well.  

We always recommend when choosing a service with us to choose a service that suits your time, convenience, and budget needs the most.  

Visit out free instant quote calculator here.  

What if I need more help?  

We are here at Parcelpal every step of the way in sending your parcel with us. Our friendly customer care team are on hand Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Find out home to contact us here.