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How to send golfing equipment

Parcelpal’s guide to sending golfing equipment  

Can I send golfing equipment with Parcelpal 

Yes! Here at Parcelpal we do accept the shipment of golfing equipment through our system. 


What do I need to know before placing an order?  

Although here at Parcelpal within our own rules and regulations we do generally and widely accept the shipment of golfing equipment our customers need to understand that our couriers may have different rules.  

Because of this we always recommend our customers to check with the courier they are choosing to send with if they accept the contents of the parcel you are wishing to send.  

Our customers also need to understand that there are weight and size limits on sending parcels. But we do provide dedicated services to send larger and heavier parcels. Services for this can be found on our website.  

If you have any worries or concerns about sending your parcel, our friendly customer care team are on hand to help you every step of the way. So have no worries with sending a parcel with us.  

How to package golfing equipment  

Because of the nature of the variety of golfing equipment available our recommendations for packaging golfing equipment vary. But through this guide we aim to provide our customers with everything they need to know on packaging all types of golfing equipment.   

When packaging a single golf club or a set of golf clubs specialist golf club boxes are available. We recommend our customers using these as they add specialist protection during the courier journey and are designed to protect the golfing equipment in every way. These boxes can be purchased from a variety of online stores. If you are a frequent seller of golf clubs, we recommend purchasing these boxes in bulk to save money.  

If you are unable to purchase a specialist golf club box, we recommend you are logical in your approach to finding an alternative. The parcel box must be long enough to fit the golf clubs inside and be strong enough the carry the weight of the golf clubs.  

The golf clubs must be wrapped in bubble wrap at least two times and secured with strong parcel tape. Any extra room in the parcel box must be filled with bubble wrap or packing chips to prevent the contents from becoming damaged during transit.  

When sending other golfing equipment such as golf tees we recommend the tees are either placed in their original packaging or placed in a suitable pouch. Golf tees are exceptionally light and agile to send, so we are sure packaging this item will be rather simple. Simply choose a strong box that fits the number of tees you are sending and secure the box with strong parcel tape.  

Our recommendations for sending golf balls are similar to sending golf tees. But for packaging golf balls we recommend they are placed in a golf ball container, which looks very similar to an egg box. These can be found online. We recommend this so the golf balls do not move in the parcel box and cause damage to each other.  

In all aspect of packaging we always recommend our customers use a new, strong box that is not second hand. Always secure the parcel box with strong brown parcel tape. Never use clear Sellotape, narrow electrical tape, or washi tape. Always wrap the contents of the parcel in bubble wrap and always fill any gaps with packaging chips or extra bubble wrap.  

Can I send golfing equipment internationally?  

Yes, you can. When sending golfing equipment internationally our customers must be aware that a customs declaration is required and the recipients will be required to pay a customs duty fee.  

Do not worry about filling out a customs declaration as we have a guide on this on our website which can be found here.  

When you book an international parcel with us you will receive the customs declaration along with your parcel label in an email. So, no not worry about locating it yourself.  

Our customers must also be aware that each country has their own customs authority. Because of this each country has their own customs rules and regulations. We recommend our customer check with the specific country they are sending too to make sure they accept the contents of the parcel before booking with us.  

Here at Parcelpal we are experts at sending parcels, and we want to share that knowledge with you! So, if you have any questions about customs regulations for international countries do give us a call and we will be happy to help.  

What if I am still unsure?  

Have no worries! Here at Parcelpal we want to help our customers every step of the way when sending parcels with us. So, if you have any questions or query‘s please do give us a call.  

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Find out how to contact us directly here.