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How to send prams and pushchairs

Parcelpals guide to sending prams and pushchairs 

Can I send a pram with Parcelpal 

Yes, in theory. Within our rules a regulation here at Parcelpal we do not explicitly decline the shipment of prams or pushchairs.  

Can I send a pram with a UK courier?  

Again, in theory yes. But because of the nature of prams and pushchairs being large in size and heavy in weight some UK couriers will not accept the shipment.  

Here at Parcelpal we do offer a service specifically for larger and heavier parcels. This is through Parcelforce Large domestic service. This service accepts parcels up to 30kg in weight and a maximum of 2.5 metres in length. To book this service please visit our website.  

Can I send a pram abroad?  

Yes, you can. Prams and pushchairs are generally not specifically mentioned on a prohibited items list. But you must check with the specific country you are sending too to make sure the pram or pushchair you are sending is accepted by that country. It is very important that you do this as a customer before sending to ensure you do not breech any copyright or trading laws set by that country for sending branded prams or pushchairs. Always check before you send.  

The ability to send abroad is also dependent on the size and the weight of the parcel. Make sure to accurately input the size and weight of your parcel into our price quote tool to ensure the service you accept is suitable for the parcel you are sending.  

Our customers must be aware that a customs declaration is required and the recipients will be required to pay a customs duty fee.  

Do not worry about filling out a customs declaration as we have a guide on this on our website which can be found here.  

When you book an international parcel with us you will receive the customs declaration along with your parcel label in an email. So, no not worry about locating it yourself.  

Our customers must also be aware that each country has their own customs authority. Because of this each country has their own customs rules and regulations. We recommend our customer check with the specific country they are sending too to make sure they accept the contents of the parcel before booking with us.  

Here at Parcelpal we are experts at sending parcels, and we want to share that knowledge with you! So, if you have any questions about customs regulations for international countries do give us a call and we will be happy to help. 

How to package a pram  

Packaging a pram for a parcel delivery services can be a tricky process. Here at Parcelpal we want to ensure our customer receive the best advice possible for sending their parcels. But for the packaging of prams we recommend to exercise logic and rational in ensure your pram or pushchair is suitable for a parcel. But we can recommend these few steps.  

The pram must be dismantled before packaging. A fully assembled pram will be too large for any a domestic parcel service.  

Once dismantled make sure every nut, bolt, or screw is placed inside a pouch and clearly labelled for the receiver to know what is what and what goes where.  

The wheels of a pram are subject to become dirty when used, this is normal and nothing to be embarrassed about. But make sure to give them a clean before packaging so the parcel is hygienic for the receiver.  

Every part of the pram must be wrapped in bubble wrap at least twice. This ensures the separate part of the pram does not become damaged during transit.  

What if I can‘t dismantle the pram?  

Unfortunately, if your pram is of the traditional style that can‘t be dismantled then it is unfortunately unsuitable for a parcel delivery service.  

What if I am still unsure?  

Have no worries! Here at Parcelpal we want to help our customers every step of the way when sending parcels with us. So, if you have any questions or query‘s please do give us a call.  

Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Find out how to contact us directly here.