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How to send car parts

Parcelpal’s guide to shipping car parts  

Can I send car parts via parcel courier?  

Yes, here at Parcelpal we accept the shipment of car parts. But there are a few restrictions.  

What car parts can I not send?  

Here at Parcelpal ourselves and the couriers we offer services with do not accept the shipment of car panels, car doors, car bumpers, and car bonnets.  
The make, model, size, or age of the car does not make a difference in the decline of shipment for these items. These items are on the Prohibited Items List so are therefore not accepted by use here at Parcelpal or any other courier to any destination.  

What car parts can I send?  

As long as the car part is not listed above and packaged properly it can be shipped via parcel courier. If you are worried about the shipment of an item or need advice on a specific part please contact us directly.  

Do I need extra insurance on car parts?  

Here at Parcelpal our parcel services do include insurance as standard included within the price of the delivery. This insurance is either £20 or £50 depending on the service you are wishing to send with. If you would like to discuss the option of extra insurance on you parcel please contact us directly.  

Which delivery service is best for sending car parts?  

Here at Parcelpal we are proud to offer our customers a wide variety of parcel delivery services from various couriers all in one place. So whichever service you choose to ship with us we guarantee it will be an excellent service at an amazing lower price.  

If you are sending a parcel that is particularly large or heavy, we recommend booking ParcelForce UK Large, which accepts parcels up to 28kg.  

If the receiver is wanting a quick delivery, we recommended using a timed delivery service. We offer services that cover before 9am, before 10am, during the AM, during the PM, and Next Day. So, we are sure to have a timed delivery option for you.  

If you are on a budget, do not worry! Here at Parcelpal our prices start from just £2.29 exc vat, so do not be put off looking for a service with us. We offer services that cover all types of needs and budgets.  

All of our services include full real time tracking included within the price. So whichever service you choose with us, at whatever price you are guaranteed to track your parcel every step of its courier journey.  

To find a service for you visit our website here.  

How to package car parts  

Our recommendations in how to package car parts and subject to the type of car part in which you are intending to send via parcel courier.  
Please note: Ourselves and the couriers we work with do not accept the shipment of all car parts. Please see the information above to check your parcel will be accepted.  

For the most up to date information on how to package a specific car part not listed below, please contact us directly for advice.  

You must clearly state on your booking form what car part you are sending to ensure the courier understands how to handle your item.  

Car doors 

Car doors must be packaged inside a reinforced box as they can become damaged if even slightly bent during transit. Because of the nature of the material of car doors air pocket and bubble wrap packaging will not be enough to keep it secure. We recommend using ‘soft’ packaging materials such as foam padding. 


Body panels 

The same as car doors body panels must be packaged inside a reinforced box. This is because body panels can become damaged if even slightly bent during transit. Because of the nature of the material of body panels air pocket and bubble wrap packaging will not be enough to keep it secure. Because of this we recommend using ‘soft’ packaging materials such as foam padding.  

Window wipers 

Window wipers are typically very easy to send. Use a standard strong parcel box to send within and make sure to protect delicate parts with bubble wrap. Window wipers are also usually very light, so can be very cheap to send!  

Glass parts 

Glass items are one of the most delicate items to ship with a parcel courier. Because of this we recommend contacting us directly to discuss extra insurance cover to protect your costs in the event of damage. Glass items must be packaged very carefully and labelled as ‘fragile’ on the outside of the parcel box. We recommend using a solid box to ship car parts containing glass. Our customers must also note that some couriers will have glass items including car parts containing glass on their Non-Compensated List. Which means that unfortunately in the event of damage it will not be compensated for. Please check with the courier before you send.  

Wheels and tires 

Because of the weight of wheels and tires we recommend our customers send them in separate parcels. We appreciate that this will cost more money than sending a single parcel, but the reason we recommend this is due to the size and weight of the item. Use a strong, study box that is reinforced for extra protection. We also recommend deflating the wheel or tire before playing them inside the parcel box.  


Some couriers will not accept the shipment of engines, please check with the courier directly to ensure they will accept your parcel. Engines can be particularly heavy items, so when choosing which service, you would like to send your parcel with consider using ParcelForce UK Large to ensure your parcel needs are met. But you must check with the courier before sending any type, size, age, or model or car engine.  

Other car parts 

Please contact us directly for packaging advice. 


What if I am still unsure?  

If you are still unsure, do not worry! Our friendly customer care team are on hand to answer any questions you have and to help you every step of the way when booking a parcel delivery service with us. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:00pm. Find out how to contact us here.