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Making a booking
About customs detail when booking

Making a booking is easy with Parcel Pal, when you are sending a parcel internationally near the end of the booking stage, you will encounter the part where it says ‘customs details‘. There will be 3 drop down menus that you‘ll need to fill out. These questions are for the customs authority to see so they‘ll know what the content is inside your parcel and so that no illegal or prohibited items are sent.

When choosing your VAT status there are 3 options:

Personal individual- this means that you are sending items personally and you are not sending from a business.
Company (Non VAT registered)- this means that you are sending from a company and you have not VAT registered.
Company (VAT Registered)- you are sending from a company that is VAT registered.

Reason of export: 

Customs authority will be interested to know why you‘re sending items overseas, they will look if you are sending to an individual or if you‘re sending to another business which may affect any charges for customs.

Sold/Sale- If you are a business and you are selling your products then please choose this option.
Gift- You are not a business and you are sending a gift then you can choose this option.
Return/Replacement- If you are sending an item for either a return or replacement from a buyer then you can choose this option. 

Manufactured in: You can the country in which the item was manufactured in. This does not mean where the item is sent from.