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How do I send a parcel?

Sending a parcel is super easy when you‘re booking with us at Parcel Pal, we‘ll show you a step by step guide on how to use our quotes calculator and also provide you with information about the delivery services we offer. To get a quotation, all you‘ll need to do is enter the number of parcel you want to send, your sending destination, weight and the dimensions of your parcel and click on ‘Quote and Book‘. The next page will look something like this:

This is what the quotation page will look like after you have entered the necessary information, you will see a list of our couriers, services and prices for each one.  You‘ll need to consider if you‘ll like a collection or drop off service for your delivery and if you‘re not sure then we give you more information about it below:

What‘s the difference between a collection service and a drop off service?

A collection service is when the courier will come to your home or work address to collect your parcel for it to be delivered. This means that you‘ll need to be inside the premise in order for the driver to come and take the parcel from you for it to be delivered. Please make sure that before you hand over your parcel that it is packaged sufficiently and the shipping label is attached on the parcel. A collection service is great for those who are unable to take their parcels to locations, if their parcel is heavy or large or if they‘ve not got the time to go out. 

A drop off service is when you take the parcel to a ‘drop off location‘. Each courier have different names for their drop off locations so please make sure that you drop it off at the right locations: If you are dropping your parcel off, please be aware. 

DPD drop off locations are called DPD PickUp Shop Finder.
UPS drop off locations are called UPS Access Points.
Parcelforce drop off locations are at any local Post Offices.

If you need to find your drop off locations then at "step 2" of your booking process you will have the option to enter your postcode and find the drop off locations nearest to you. 

After looking for a service that fits you the best, click on ‘Book now‘ which will then take you to the booking stages. You will need to fill in your parcel details and address. You can enter your address manually or you can enter the postcode and click ‘search‘, you‘ll be able to search for the correct line of address and that will be filled out for you automatically. Once everything is finished click on ‘Next step‘.

Please note that you will need to tick the order that you want to pay for as seen in the picture above, you will also need to tick the Terms and Conditions and Prohibited list before you can place your order. The final page will ask you whether if you‘d like to pay with PayPal, credit/debit card or with your balance. 

What is prepay balance?
You can add pre-purchased funds to your account before you order, this is known as prepay. You wouldn‘t need to enter your payment methods again for every new booking and once your funds are running low, you can always top up your account. 

After payment is made, you will receive an email to state your order and tracking number. Please keep this email safe for future reference.