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How do I package my parcel before sending?

Packing your items for delivery is an important part when you are sending it out for delivery, if you are a business then it is especially important for your customers to receive the goods intact. Here are some additional information on how to package your parcel so that a smoother delivery process is operated.


How to package your parcel:

1. Choose a box that is big enough for your items to fit. You’d want a box that leaves a few inches from the sides so that extra packaging can be added. Wrap your items individually A new, strong box that is preferably double walled and corrugated as it will bring a lot more protection for your items to decrease it being damaged.

2. Pack the items individually for more protection; using bubble wrap, Styrofoam, polystyrene, Kraft paper is best to offer an extra layer of protection. Make sure that the item inside your box does not move too much, if it does then you may want to add more inner packaging to stop it from moving.

3. Seal your parcel with strong packing tape, cello tape may not be strong enough but when you are using the tape, it should be at least 4-5cm wide to ensure that the seal is fully closed and prevent the sides of the box opening.

4. Print and attach your label onto the parcel where it is clearly visible.

It is your responsibility to provide adequate packaging for your parcel.