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Drop off and collection services
Don‘t know if you‘d like to choose a drop off or collection service?

We can help. When you are wanting to send a parcel out for delivery you will have two options to choose from; drop off or collection. A drop off service is when you‘ll go down to a nearest drop off locations ie. a post office to send your parcel off. A Collection service is where you will book for the courier to come to your home to collect the parcel from you and they will deliver it to the final destination. Does the price change for a collection service? Yes it does. Collection services may be a little more than drop off services. Another point to make note is that not all drop off locations are the same for all couriers, each couriers have their own names and locations when you are dropping your parcel off. You can drop off your parcels at the local post offices as it is associated with Parcelforce but you‘re unable to drop off your UPS parcel at the post office as it will not accept it. Most of the couriers listed on our website offer a collection service, the only exception is DPD for UK deliveries. Collection services are not available for DHL and UPS.