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CN22 & CN23 Explained

CN22 and CN23 are customs declaration documents that detail the contents of a package being sent outside of the EU when being sent through the Royal Mail or Parcelforce. They assist the process customs go through when checking packages, and they detail important information about the contents of anything being posted. 

Any letter or parcel that is considered to contain ‘commercial value’ requires a CN22/23, as these items are subject to fees and taxes. For example, if you’re sending a letter to a pen pal who lives in Beijing, you do not need to include a customs declaration form*. However, if you’re sending this same friend a gift or parcel, you do need to attach the appropriate CN22/23 form.

*Please note: If you‘re using Parcelpal to send a letter with no monetary value outside of the EU, we will require that you complete a CN22 before sending.

With Brexit upon us, it’s pivotal that importers and exporters are aware of what they are, how to correctly complete them, and where you can get them from. This is because once the UK leaves the EU, any mail items being sent to European countries through the Royal Mail  or Parcelforce will require a CN22/23.