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Parcel(s) Considerations
How to attach your labels

A guideline on how to attach your labels


Once you have placed a booking, you will receive and will be able to download your labels. You should have 3 labels if you are sending internationally and 1 label if you are shipping domestically within the UK.

The 3 documents for international parcel delivery should include:

-Label which includes a barcode for the courier

-An archive of the shipping label

-A customs invoice


If you are sending to the UK:

Please print you your label and attach it to the parcel clearly. Please use strong clear tape and make sure that the label is securely attached to the box.


If you are sending internationally:

Once you have printed out all your labels you will have 3 in total, you will get a label which will include the barcode and this if for your driver to scan. The other label will be an archive of the shipping label that includes yours and the recipient’s address. The last label will be the customs invoice which you will have to fill out for the customs authority. Please be as detailed as you can with this.

The archive shipping document and the customs invoice should be enclosed in a clear plastic wallet which would be easy to take to for viewing for the authorities. You’ll need to attach the wallet to the box with these both documents inside.

Please note: If you are sending to European countries then you wouldn’t need to attach a customs invoice to the parcel.


Some hints when attaching the label:

-Use strong clear tape to attach the barcode label without any folds or creases

-Put your customs invoice and shipping document into a clear plastic wallet for easy viewing and then attached that to your parcel.

-Make sure that the barcode can be scanned by the courier which means no other marks visible on it.

You will also get this same guide when you download your labels on your account.