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My payment
How do I top up my account

To top up your account simply go to ‘My Account‘ page and you will see a ‘Top up‘ option, click on that and enter the amount you want to top up, click ‘continue to pay‘ and you will see a couple of options. Choose the one you‘ll like to pay with and enter your details.

When you click on ‘Top up‘ you will go to another page below:

The minimum top up amount of £10 and if you top up more than £100 then you will also receive a little discount too.

Once you chosen which method you‘d like to pay then all you need to do next is enter your payment information and click on Pay.

After you have successfully topped up then you‘ll need to go back to the previous page and you will receive this pop up that‘ll give you 2 options. If you have managed to successfully top up then please press ‘Success‘ if for any other reason you have not topped up then please click on ‘Failure‘ and it will redirect you to our FAQ‘s page which will advise you on what to do next. Choosing the success button will refresh the page on your account so that you can see the new balance.