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Delivery Questions
How to track my parcel?

When you book a service through ParcelPal, you will get a confirmation email sent to you which will give you a tracking code, enter the whole of the code on our tracking page to see the stages of your parcel. 

If you are dropping off your parcel then you will be provided with a receipt that will show your tracking number so please make sure that you keep this safe. You can take a photo of it so you can view it anytime at your convenience.

You can track your parcel online on our website. 
You can also view your tracking number on ‘My Account‘ Page where you‘ll be able to see your tracking codes for every order you have booked with us. 

If you can‘t find an email with your tracking number then you can contact us at or chat to us live and we will do our best to help you. 

Some handy advice:

-When you receive the email with the tracking code or receipt, then please make a note of it and keep it for future use until your parcel has been delivered.

-It‘s a good idea to let the recipient know the tracking number so they can see the stages too and anticipate roughly when the parcel will be delivered.

-Please provide a telephone number for the recipient in case there may be some problems and the courier can contact them directly.