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What are points?

Points can be found on ‘My account‘ page. This number is something that you‘ve accumulated when you have been booking with us at Parcelpal. For being a loyal customer with us, we offer you points so that you can get further discounts when you send a parcel. Points can be redeemed and turned into a prepay cash balance to get discounts off on your next booking. For every £1  you spend with us, you will receive 1 point. There‘s no cap on how many points you can earn so if you have 1200 points then you will get an equivalent of £12 on your prepay balance that you can use. To redeem your points you can click on ‘redeem points‘ under your points on ‘My account‘ page. It will show you your currently balance and the value of your points, you can click on ‘redeem‘ and the points will be converted and credited to your prepay balance.