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Collection Service
Do I need to wait at home for a collection service?

When you have booked a collection service, the courier will come to the address that you have specified to collect the parcel from you. This means that you or someone on your behalf will need to be in so that the driver can come and collect the parcel at your door for it to be scanned. We cannot give you a specific time when your driver will be coming as they have their own routes. DPD is the only courier who is able to offer you a general notification of when they‘ll be arriving, you can download their app on your smartphone. You can also track your parcel on this app if you have booked with DPD.

If you feel like a collection service isn‘t for you then why not go for a drop off service instead?
With a drop off service, you wouldn‘t need to wait in at home and you can drop your parcel anytime you like to your nearest drop off locations. All couriers have their own drop off points, you can use our Address Finder to see ones are closest to you.