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Making a booking
How do I place a booking?

It‘s very easy to make a booking on Parcel Pal, we have designed an easy to use tool that will quickly give you all our prices for the service you need. 

the country you‘d like to send to and after, you‘ll need to enter your parcel weight and dimensions so it‘ll look like this:

Once you have clicked on ‘Quote & Book‘ you will be taken to  another page where you will see a list of services with different couriers, you can see from the picture below:

If you need to modify anything such as the dimensions or even to another country then click on ‘Modify‘ at the top and then click on ‘Update results‘. You‘ll need to always update the results after you modified your information as it won‘t automatically update. Our tool is incredibly easy to use and even if you need to change some details and country, you won‘t need to go to a different page. If you have any more questions about our tool then contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Clicking here will take you straight to our quotes calculator.