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Information on customs
Customs when sending a parcel

Customs are in charge of overseeing what is coming in and out of the country in terms of shipment and deliveries. They are responsible for keeping prohibited goods such as illegal goods and others out of the country. It is particularly important that when you‘re sending a parcel that the items are allowed to be sent. If you need more information then you can view our prohibited/restrictions list on our site. 

A customs form must be filled out when you are sending parcels outside of the European Union, please check that you have filled in the correct documents before sending your parcel. Please be as detailed as you can when you are listing your items, if deions are very generic then it may cause some delays when it goes through clearance. Every country has an allowance for personal gifts that are exempt from duty/tax so make sure that you know how much it is limited to or else you may be liable for duty/tax on top.

If you are a business and you‘re sending your items abroad then you may find that this link would be helpful.