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Printing and placing your labels
Labels are a very important part of the packaging process. The label is the key element for your courier to know where your parcel is going, and how to process it. The clearer the label, the easier it will be for your parcel to be processed. Make sure to take your time when printing and placing labels, as this can make all the difference in your parcel arriving safely and on time.

It is very important to attach our labels to your parcel
Please note: parcels sent without the label will not be processed ad additional charges may incur. Mislabeling and additional chargers may cause complications in the event of a claim.
How to print your parcel label
If possible, use self-adhesive paper when printing your label. This will enable you to easily attach the label to the parcel. If you do not have access to this, print using plain white paper and place the label inside a document pouch or plastic wallet.
Put a backup label inside your parcel
We recommend printing an extra copy of your label and shipping documents, or at least one document with the address of the receiver on, to place inside your parcel before you seal it. This is an extra precaution you should take in case anything happens to the outside label.
Shipping Label
Place your shiping label on the outside of the box.
Any spares must be handed to the courier
How to attach your label to the parcel
The label must be attach to the outside of the parcel. If using self-adhesive paper, simple place the label on the outside of the parcel smoothing out any air bubbles as much as you can. If your label is inside a document pouch or plastic wallet make sure the label and bar-code are clearly visible. Then use clear tape to attach to the outside of the parcel.

How to make sure your label is secure
Make sure to place your label (or document pouch/plastic wallet) on the top surface of your parcel. Bar-codes should be completely flat and fully visible. Bar-codes should never be folded, wrapped or placed around the edge of a parcel. Strong clear tape should be used when attaching the label to the parcel. Staples can be used where necessary, but should not obscure any information or bar-codes.
Printing and placing labels on parcels sent internationally
If your parcel is being sent outside of the EU the process is slightly different. Within your order there will be a label provided to attach as directed above, but you will also receive a customs invoice to print.
You must print 5 copies of the customs invoice. 3 copies of the customs invoice must o on the outside of the parcel, securely attach these copies inside a documents pouch or plastic wallet. The remaining 2 copies of the customs invoice must be given to the courier.