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3 Easy Steps to Sending
Your Business parcel
With a Parcelpal business account you will enjoy exclusive perks on sending parcels to make the process simpler and faster. We understand that not every business is run by a huge team of people, so our perks are designed to benefit every business no matter the size.
01 Sending parcels
With a Parcelpal business account you will be entitled to a discount on bulk orders. Through our business system you will not have to complete a form for every individual parcel but will have access to an Excel document system for placing orders. Making the process of sending parcels quicker and cheaper.
02 Drop off / Collection services
Drop and collection services are the perfect way to send your business parcels. With our collection services the courier will come to you to collect your parcel and everything else will be taken for by the courier. Collection services are perfect for businesses wishing to save time and reduce contact in sending parcels. Our drop off services are perfect for businesses who wish to take their parcels to a depot to send them, parcels can be taken in bulk and processed at the depot.
03 The delivery services
Your Parcelpal business account will enable you to have every single parcel you send fully tracked on its way to the recipient. Every parcel sent through us has its own unique code that allows the parcel to be tracked on every step of its journey. This means the process of a customer enquiry will be very simple and quick to deal with and saves the effort of contacting individual couriers for information.
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Bulk Upload - CSV Import
With a Parcelpal business account you will have exclusive access To our bulk orders system. This system means you will never have To individually process Each parcel ever again. All you will need To Do To send a bulk order Is To first upload a file With the names And addresses Of your customers On, And Then Finally upload it To our bulk orders upload system. And that's it! This simple yet effective tool will make the long process of sending a large number of parcels at the same time a lot quicker, easier, And less hassle for you!
What we offer With Parcelpal
when you send a parcel
Discounts on sending parcels
We offer exclusive discounts To our customers When sending parcels In large quantities through our bulk orders system. When you submit a bulk order With us we will calculate an exclusive discount off To be taken off Of your order. This means that every time you send a bulk order With us you will Get an even better price per parcel you are sending!
Real time tracking On every parcel
Every parcel sent With Parcelpal includes real time tracking. Track your parcel every Step Of its journey And receive real time updates to your phone Or computer.
Delivery to over 220 countries And territories worldwide
Sending international parcels could Not be easier With Parcelpal! We offer delivery To over 220 countries And territories worldwide, so we are sure to have an international service for you!
Insurance protection cover included
We work With our couriers To offer all Of our customers protection And insurance On their parcels. Every parcel enquiry Is taken seriously with our team which means if a parcel Is lost Or damaged in transit our customers are protected.
Door-to-door delivery available
Here at Parcelpal we offer a wide range Of services For parcel delivery. One Of our most popular services Is collection services which allows door To door delivery. With collection services you Do Not need To leave the comfort Of your own home Or business to send a parcel!
Email confirmation And proof Of postage included
We provide our customers Not only With real time tracking On their parcels, but also the peace Of mind that every parcel you send With us will include an email confirmation Of the order. Every parcel has its own unique code which Is proof Of postage As it can be tracked. Our professional up to date system means every parcel sent with us Is recorded And kept on our database, so we will never lose the record Of your purchase.